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US Politics and Women's Rights 

The planned rollback of women's rights is extremely disappointing. The Handmaid's Tale wasn't supposed to be a playbook. Please and for a politicians that respect our privacy and personal liberties.

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Before, during, and after a protest, keep yourself and your community safe while you make your voice heard.

Gotta love when a firewall firmware update takes down the pbx. Ugh.

Hello There!

As a quick ,

My name is Matt. I'm an IT Pro working as a Linux, Windows, and Cloud Systems Engineer. I also spend way too much working on my own personal homelab and tech stack.

I love Star Trek, Video Games (mostly console RPGs), Chess, Animation (primarily Western), and pretty much anything nerdy.

I lean hard left, pro LGBTQ+, and I vote in every election.

I'm more of a follower than a poster, but I'll likely talk/post about tech stuff. And probably my pets.

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